UK Master's degree in Paris


An authentic Master's degree from London in a luxury hotel school in France.

An international programme, the Master of Science in International Tourism and Hospitality Management is a unique programme for more than one reason. Taught entirely in English in Paris, it is the only authentic Master's degree to be offered by a French hotel school. Students graduate after 3 semesters.

Jointly delivered with London South Bank University, the programme combines the best of both worlds: the mastery of international management offered by an Anglo-saxon university, and the understanding of the luxury hotel industry offered by a French hotel school.

The program is specialised in leadership and strategy, with a double focus on the luxury hotel industry and cross-cultural management. Student can add a final layer of specialisation when they select their dissertation topic during the third semester.

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During the first two semesters, study 6 modules on leadership and strategy in the international and luxury hotel industry.

During the first year, students complete a high-level academic programme in Paris, the world’s leading tourism destination. The program starts in October and ends in January 16 months later. A field trip in Bordeaux is included, one week to study the marketing of the city and of course wine. In 2018, the students tasted four grand crus in one of the luxury hotels of the city.

The first year is made up of six modules: Critical Issues in Tourism and Hospitality, City Marketing, Business and Management Strategy, Marketing Strategy and eDistribution, Cross-Cultural Management and Professional Leadership.

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During the third semester, enjoy a final 6-month placement and write your dissertation.

The second year is dedicated to the dissertation and a 6-months internship. The dissertation allows students to choose a specific subject to study further. They receive a specific preparation that includes 10 hours of individual supervision.

The final placement is an opportunity to start your career directly. The school organises the hunt for this very important internship.


Students of this programme in 2018 have evaluated its quality as exceptional with a global positive evaluation at 85%. Master 1 and 2 can not be studied separately.

The number of graduates is limited. Visit the application page to learn more about admission requirements and school fees.



Master of Science


Critical Issues in Tourism and Hospitality

City Marketing

Business and Management Strategy

Marketing Strategy and e-Distribution

Cross-Cultural Management

Professional Leadership Field trip in Bordeaux


6-month internship

Download the Book of units for the Master of Science

Book of units (pdf)

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  • Matthias Terretaz, Shangri-La Paris
    Shangri-La Paris

    “You can be very proud of your diploma and your training, which are great assets for your future career.” Matthias Terretaz, Hotel Manager Shangri-La Paris and sponsor of the 2013 cohort

  • Geraldine Dobey, Fouquet's Barrière
    Le Fouquet's

    “You graduated from a very good school, a school that is highly regarded.” Geraldine Dobey, General Manager, Le Fouquet's Sponsor of the 2014 cohort

About us

LH Luxury Hotelschool is the first hotel school in the world dedicated to luxury. This family institution founded 30 years ago is the specialist of international luxury hotel management.

The school offers UK Bachelor and Master's degree taught in English in Paris, combining French tradition of gastronomy and luxury hospitality, and anglo-saxon management skills.

Each year, a luxury hotel sponsors the graduations and signs the diplomas as did the Ritz in 1996, Crillon in 1997, Lutetia, Le Bristol, Shangri-La Paris, Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme, Prince de Galles, Raphaël, Fouquet's...