UK Bachelor's degree in Paris


The only Bachelor's degree in hospitality in France.

The school jointly delivers a UK Bachelor's degree with London South Bank University. French Bachelor's are usually not degrees, but professional certificates as the name Bachelor is not protected in France. The Bachelor's degree is delivered in Paris and entirely taught in English.

The program is not specialised and covers all aspects of hospitality management. The school brings a focus on luxury hotel management including a training in operations management.

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Join the programme in Paris to study the luxury hotel industry.

Students discover the fundamentals of hospitality, tourism, management and operations. A field trip to Marseille, a city that has committed itself to massive investment in tourism, is also part of the programme, as well as a five-month internship.

The first year includes practical work in the school's restaurant. Students learn the basis of gastronomy and service and practice their guest relations in a protected environment, a necessary preparation to their first internship in a luxury hotel.

The school is an accredited center for the TOEIC test. Candidates should be able to prove their knowledge of the English language.

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Progress to the Master's degree after graduation.

The second year capitalises on the achievements of the first year's internship developing students' knowledge of hospitality design, business development, marketing and communication. Implementation of knowledge is facilitated by a one-week corporate game, which involves the management of a hotel by a group of students. A field trip in Barcelona and a second five-month internship completes the programme. The Bachelor's degree goes on to the third year, built around an individual project.

The programme allows graduates to progress to the Master's degree which lasts 3 semesters.

Master of Science

Progress to the Master's degree after graduation.

The top-up Bachelor is a one-year programme accessible after any level-5 diplome (2-years after A-level). This intensive programme is a pathway to the Master's degree.

The top-up is made of 6 modules including event and project management. The students are in charge of organising the gala dinner, managing first year students. Practical work at the restaurant is included, as well as a field trip to the heart of the Champagne region in France and a business game. A five-month internship completes the programme.

Top-up Bachelor Master of Science

Follow us on a field trip to discover luxury on the field.

We take first-year students to the south of France in Marseille for a week on a field trip to learn about sustainable development and organise team building activities including a boat race. Second-year students spend a week in Barcelona to study the Spanish way of luxury and add an international perspective to their understanding of tourism.

Firls trips are a part of the UK model of educations. Organised in November, this trip is a perfect occasion to socialise and learn to know about our students that will stay with us for three to five years.

Field trips include a local luxury experience as we take our students to one of the best restaurants in town and the seminars take place in a luxury hotel. Living the luxury experience is part of the school's DNA.

Field trips

We are looking forward to hearing from you, open an application online and tell us about your project.

Students in 2018 have evaluated the quality of the programme as excellent with a global positive evaluation at 82%.

The number of graduates is limited to 40 per year with all the lectures in groups of 20 students top, and 4 groups of 10 students for practical work, language lessons and luxury seminars. Visit the application page to learn more about admission requirements and school fees.


2017 Bachelor graduation at palace Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme


Bachelor 1

University Degree

Professional development

Studying for sustainability

Management and leadership

Geographies of tourism

Leisure and consumption

Fundamentals of hospitality

Luxury F&B operations

Luxury Rooms division

Personnal grooming Field trip in the south of France 5-month internship

Bachelor 2

After level-4 in hospitality

Research for management

Business Development

Hospitality Design and Merchandising

Destination Management

Marketing Strategy and Communication

Hospitality Operations

Luxury operations

Serious game

Luxury attitude Field trip in Barcelona 5-month internship

Bachelor 3

Available as a top-up

Human resource management

Management challenge

Major and mega events

International hospitality operations

Heritage management

Extended essay

Luxury marketing

Luxury hotel development

Download the Book of modules for the Bachelor's degree in Paris

Book of modules (pdf)

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  • Sofia Vandaele, Hilton Opéra

    “I am very proud to sponsor your graduation. We have the duty to prepare the leaders of tomorrow, and it is important to work closely with the best schools, like ESH.” Sofia Vandaele, General Manager Hilton Opéra and sponsor of the 2016 cohort

  • Jean-Louis Souman, Le Bristol
    Le Bristol

    “ESH Paris is a leading hotel school and perpetuates the service and tradition of French hospitality.” Jean-Louis Souman, Director Le Bristol Sponsor of the 2008 cohort

About Us

ESH Paris Hotelschool is the first hotel school in the world dedicated to luxury. This family institution founded 30 years ago is the specialist of international luxury hotel management.

The school offers UK Bachelor and Master's degree taught in English in Paris, combining French tradition of gastronomy and luxury hospitality, and anglo-saxon management skills.

Each year, a luxury hotel sponsors the graduations and signs the diplomas as did the Ritz in 1996, Crillon in 1997, Lutetia, Le Bristol, Shangri-La Paris, Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme, Prince de Galles, Raphaël, Fouquet's...