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Master of Science

Leadership ESH Paris

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Leadership can be defined as: management with a vision. Because the leader can share and communicate his vision, his management becomes something else, called leadership.

This course focuses on the active, professional aspects of leadership studies within the Tourism and Hospitality industry. It starts from the assumption that almost every organised activity is initiated by leadership of some sort and that most, if not all, benefit from good leadership.

Alongside engaging with contemporary theoretical perspectives on professional leadership, students will be encouraged to learn from their own and other’s experience(s) of leadership in practice and to engage in activities which enable them to develop their own leadership aptitude.

Course module guide (pdf)
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About us

Hotel school

A hotel school is a business school specialised in hospitality and tourism.

The first hotelschool (or hotel school, both are equally used) opened in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1893, followed by Savoie-Léman in France in 1912 and Jean Drouant in Paris in 1936. In the 20th century, these schools were vocational, teaching mainly operations.

According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, the sector now supports 284 million people in employment – that’s 1 in 11 jobs on the planet. For this reason only, hotel schools are justified to replace business schools for the training of dedicated managers.

Managers usually work with engineers who master the technical aspects. In the hotel industry, managers and engineers are embodied by the same persons, trained in a hotel school. A hotel general manager must know how to work in a professional kitchen, know about hygiene, he should master traditional service, know how to do a check-in, control a room, and all this in several languages. This technical know-how is thus part of the training in hotel schools, intertwined with traditional management education (sales and marketing, finance, human resources, strategy and leadership).

ESH Paris Hotelschool - Ecole Supérieure d'Hôtellerie