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Bachelor's degree - Year 2

Second year of ESH Paris Bachelor's programme builds on your first placement to study hospitality operations, marketing and communications. On a larger scale, you study destination management and business development. A serious game allows you to manage your own hotel and take decisions in group during a full week.

A one-week field trip in Reims takes you to the heart of Champagne, where the most famous product of France, Champagne, is produced. The tourism of the region is also developing, which provides a perfect subject of study.

The second year is completed by a six-month placement, which allows you to collect data on management issues for your extended essay. The second year can be studied in Paris or in London.

This year is also available as a top-up for students with no experience or prior studies in hospitality and tourism, with a program including additional training in operations.

Course catalogue (pdf)
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